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Artistic Craft Through Clothing

madeclothing offers ethical fashion and accessories, hand-printed in my little studio in Amsterdam. A unique alternative to mass-produced designs. The products are created using the art of traditional hand block printing. It starts with an original design sketch on paper. The design is transferred onto the block and artfully carved into the surface. This printing block is then covered with ink and carefully hand pressed onto the garment. This authentic method produces a unique hand-crafted image, making each piece of clothing truly one of a kind.

Guilt free Fashion

madeclothing believes in ethical fashion – clothes that you can feel good in. Everything I make is created with respect for people, nature and the environment. The sweatshop free apparel is made from certified organic and sustainable materials, sourced from ethically responsible suppliers. The ink is non-toxic, water-based, permanent fabric ink. My mission is to make sustainable, stylish apparel that is honest fashion.


Made To Last

You may ask how durable are the prints? The ink I use is permanent and becomes one with the fibers after it has been heat set into the fabric. Therefore it cannot be separated from the material. The garments are machine washable. In fact, they just get softer with each wash so you can cherish them for years to come.


Made For Happiness

When you buy from madeclothing, you not only support a clean planet and happy people by purchasing locally-made ethical fashion. You get the joy of wearing something made by hand and one of a kind. The limited, handmade prints might just become the most favorite pieces in your closet.

Inspired Designs

 With creating madeclothing, my inspiration comes from my extensive travels around the world. In particular, I’m drawn to the spiritual landscape and diverse cultures of the Far East. With a sketchbook in hand, I create images that have significant meaning or reflect personal experiences. Each design has a story of its own

The Artist

 My goal is to bring you stylish apparel that is uplifting and meaningful through ethical and sustainable means. Each hand printed piece is made with great care and attention for detail. It is truly a labour of love. May it inspire you and spark joy!

with love

Samantha Alvares